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I'm Lindsey, photographer of "Lindsey.Moser Photogaphy". All photos taken and edited by me. Message me, get to know me, tell me what you think of my photos, or ask questions! :)
*I use a nikon 5100 with a 75-300mm lens*

Anonymous: Thank you so much for your beautiful photos of my horse! He's the steel grey jumping the birch rolltop! His name is Diamond River. Just thought I'd share a little!

Thank you so much! Always love to hear when people find photos of themselves/their horses :) Your horse is gorgeous!


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Anonymous: Hey Lindsey i was wondering I'm starting with equestrian photography and I'm not sure what camera is good i really like canons do you have any you can recommend?

I don’t have much experience with canon cameras so I can’t tell you for sure. The canon rebel t3i is an awesome camera, I don’t know how it is with sports photography though, so that’s something to look into! But it’s a dslr so it should be good. Just do some research. Also, depending on your budget, you could get a nicer more expensive canon, but I don’t know much about those either! Good luck. Come off anon next time!